Who We Are

Kituo cha maadili is a social entreprise based in Nairobi Kenya. We are born out of the desire of our founder to contribute to the actualization of the sustainable development goals, half of which we believe can be achieved by creating opportunities to earn a living for those living in poverty.

Our mission is to support artisans from across the African continent to improve their livelihoods. We work with very talented Artisans from around the continent to produce world-class merchandise which we market and sell around the world. We know and believe that our continent has a lot to share with the world and we are at the forefront of making this happen

Who We Work With

The artisans of our continent are our most valued partners. With our support and their deep-rooted talent and commitment, the artisans produce beautiful pieces which we, in turn, make available to the world through our retail partners. We support the artisans to sell their products so that they can concentrate on being creative. We have a commitment to offer them fair trade and partner with them in improving their livelihood and that of their communities.

Our core objectives

  • Contribute to building the African economies.
  • Contribute to opening up our continent as a Tourism Destination.
  • Mentor and support African entrepreneurs producing authentic African merchandise by linking them with markets abroad.
  • Create wealth and value for our Artisans.
  • Create decent jobs.
  • Reduce inequalities.

Our Purpose

  • Create wealth and eliminate poverty for grassroots communities in Africa using traditional artisan talent.
  • Facilitate the world to see Africa as a source of great talent and beauty.
  • Make authentic Traditional African Talent commercially viable.
  • Promote traditional talents of African artisans.